Summer Language Study

Summer Hindi Language Program

The UVa Summer Hindi Language Program in New Delhi provides students with the equivalent of two semesters of intermediate language instruction (HIND 2010/2020, satisfying the College of Arts and Sciences' foreign language requirement) in an intensive, immersion environment.

Tibetan Summer Language Program

Located in historic Charlottesville, living in the Tibet House enables you to pursue your studies among a close-knit community of students devoted to studying Tibetan language and culture.  The Tibet House is lovely Victorian-style house within easy walking distance of your classrooms and just a few blocks from the restaurants and shops on Grounds. Offers equivalent of two years of language study in eight weeks.

Other Programs

University of Wisconsin Madison's

South Asia Summer Language Institute

Offers courses in

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University's South Asia Institute offers language training in:

American Institute of Indian Studies

Language study in India. AIIS offers intensive, immersion-based training in modern and classical South Asian languages at multiple sites in India. Click here to visit their webpage.

Courses regularly include:

* Bangla (Bengali)
* Gujarati
* Hindi
* Malayalam
* Marathi
* Pali/Prakrit
* Punjabi
* Sanskrit
* Tamil
* Telugu
* Urdu

In addition, instruction may be arranged in other languages:

* Kannada
* Kashmiri
* Mughal Persian
* Oriya
* Sindhi
* Tibetan